Coming from Spreadsheets?

Migrating from Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Apple Numbers

The Experitus Migration Plug-in for Microsoft Excel, Google Spreadsheets, Apple Numbers is an easy-to-use productivity tool to import Excel or CSV spreadsheet file with customers and orders. Or, it allows you to export orders and customers to CSV files.

Coming from Google Calendar?

Migrating from/to Google Calendar

Synchronizing calendar entries of Google Calendar and Experitus orders is very easy with the Google Calendar Synchronization feature.
You can update the calendar entries in either Google Calendar or Experitus orders and have them updated in both. If you delete the sync configurations and again synchronize the calendar events or orders, then duplicate records will be updated.

Also, you can set up auto export to Google Calendar, so all your orders will go directly to your events.

Coming from iCalendar?

Migrating from/to iCalendar

Synchronizing calendar entries of Apple iCalendar and Experitus orders is very easy with the iCalendar Migration feature.
You can import the calendar entries from the iCal file to Experitus orders and it supports most of the fields.

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