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More Reviews More Sales

Positive online reviews is key to gaining new clients. 93% of customers read online reviews before purchasing a service.

Tour guides can funnel good reviews into all of the major reviews sites including Tripadvisor, Viator, GetYourGuide, as well as major social networks like Facebook & Google Circles.

Track Reviews

Experitus tracks reviews for you. Customers who did not write reviews get reminders. You can focus on running your business, while reminders, notifications & thank you emails are automated.

Let’s face it, customer forget to write reviews. Experitus Reviews Booster will send your customers an automatic reminder to leave a review for your company with a simple link, and provides you with a feed so you can track the review if you wish.

Experitus makes it easy for customers to share their tour guide experience with others online.

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Scheduler & Calendar designed specifically for tour guides’ business operations.

Schedule appointments in an integrated calendar with automatic reminders for your team & your customers. Appointments, tasks, reminders & document attachments integrated to maintain team schedules along with customer schedules.

Some of the benefits are:
  • Notify team members & customers
  • Automate tasks
  • File attachments
  • View partners' schedules / transfer bookings
Specific scheduler & calendar feature screenshot
E-mail manager feature screenshot

Effective collaboration & communication between your team, your customers and partners.

Quality of services rely on effective email communication with customers and partners. Email Manager organizes the flow of communication into one integrated system. Gmail, Yahoo-mail, Domain-mail all synchronized into one platform, accessed from your dashboard.

  • Sync with Gmail or SMTP
  • Parse order details
  • Get more information about customers

Instantly view which partner is vacant

Partners Manager allows you to view multiple partner schedules, in order to send over bookings to them. You can choose any of the available partners in your list who are vacant.

Overbooking leads to less positive reviews

Overbooking is one of the biggest problems in the tour guide industry. When you're overbooked, you will not be able to deliver the services you promised each client to your usual standard.

Key benefits with Partners Manager:
  • Instantly view multiple partners’ vacancy
  • Transfer customer data to a partner
  • Send instant requests, documents & notifications to partners
  • Import all contacts and create segments
Partners manager feature screenshot
Embedded form feature screenshot

Synchronize your website's booking form with Experitus dashboard

All requests and bookings done through your website's booking form is automatically migrated and organized in your Experitus database list of contacts, email manager and CRM. All accessed from one dashboard.

Key benefits of Embedded Form:
  • Instant data transfer from website’s booking form to your dashboard
  • Create custom forms on your website
  • Get more reservations with customized form.
  • Save time from doing manual work

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Customer Relationship Management

Experitus CRM effectively identifies each lead and each customer. Each of your customers has a profile in your dashboard, displaying all the communication, phone calls, notes, appointments and every piece of data in an organized timeline. With such data, you can personalize and customize relationships with each customer & each prospect, regardless of which employee deals directly with them at any given time.

  • More customers and revenue
  • Improved customer service
  • Higher prospect to customer conversion ratio
Customer Relationship Management feature screenshot

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The payment process is simplified with a link into the booking page. Your customer is presented with several options of acceptable payment methods. Simplified payment options ensure you get paid on time without hassle. View received payments or overdue payments, with option to payment reminders to customers who haven't paid.

Easy Starter

We transfer over all your database from different platforms into your Experitus dashboard. We’ll walk you through a step by step process to integrate everything you need from major services like Mailchimp, Google and other online tools. This service is free.

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