Why do reviews matter?

Customers choose us based on our reviews, and if they're not good, people won't pay us. We need to make sure they're writing about us on all the major sites.

  • 93% of customers use online reviews before making major purchases of services.
  • Reviews are the most common tool for customers, because it allows them to get an idea of what they will be purchasing before they buy it, and gives them the peace of mind that helps them make that final step towards purchasing a service.
  • Good reviews mean more sales, which is why companies are putting vast amounts of resources into maintaining their online reputation.

What is Reviews Booster?

Experitus makes it easy for customers to share their tour guide experience with others online.

Tour guides with the most positive reviews get the booking

You offer amazing memorable experiences to your customers. But.... let's face it. CUSTOMERS FORGET TO WRITE REVIEWS when they get back home. In fact, tour guides like yourself end up spending Countless of hours, manually searching for emails and reviews, just to email customers, asking them to leave you online reviews. In the end, you lose a large portion of great reviews that could have been written about you.

With Experitus the process is simple

After your customers used your services Experitus App automatically sends out an email requesting a review. Customers receive an email with a link. Paving the way and making it super simple for them to write a quick review. All they have to do is click on the link. For the customers who did not write reviews, they can be notified with weekly emails, while you go on with servicing new customers & running your business.

What is Reviews Tracker?

Reviews Tracker

You can see all the latest reviews from TripAdvisor, Yelp, GetYourGuide, Viator and overall statistics of your pages. Don't need to spend your time on reading all websites. All your important reviews in the one place.

Experitus tracks reviews for you. It can find reviews from your customers on different websites. Customers who did not write reviews get reminders. You can focus on running your business, while reminders, notifications & thank you emails are automated.

Website Widget

Reviews Website Widget

Embed the widget to your website's landing page using JS code and show your visitors the latest reviews.

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