Travelers usually rely on the reviews when they plan their trips and choose the most interesting destinations. They check the reviews to be confident about their travel decision and feel inspired by positive feedbacks. Bear in mind, it is possible to turn enthusiastic customers into a powerful marketing force that results in a great reputation in review channels on TripAdvisor.

Why do you want to boost your rankings and ratings on TripAdvisor? TripAdvisor is the most powerful influencer in a booking cycle and the biggest review platform in travel. As any other platform, TripAdvisor needs valuable content to its feed, and when you can provide with some, you stand out above other competitors. Therefore, it is crucial for any tour and attraction operators to encourage their customers to leave positive reviews on TripAdvisor.

Online reputation of any tour operator on TripAdvisor, basically, depends on three factors:

  • Quality of the reviews
  • Quantity of the reviews
  • Age of the reviews

Here are some thoughtful tips that you can use to ensure that your tour offer ranking high on TripAdvisor.

Are you an attraction, activity, adventure tour, sightseeing tour or rental business? Make sure that you register your listing under the right name. You should double check that your tour is under the right category and important information is correct and up-to-date.

You need to appeal to more travelers so you should write a clear rich detailed description of what is your offer.

You should consider uploading the best photos and videos to your listings to show travelers what they can expect from your tour and encourage them to leave their reviews after the trip with you.

The travelers need to know your direct location from their mobile or other devices so make sure that you update these details on the map.

We have listed above a good piece of advice but still the greatest way to rank high on TripAdvisor is to display some good customers’ reviews under your name. This information attracts the travelers all around the world to use TripAdvisor as a trustful platform to choose the best tour operators. Therefore, TripAdvisor rewards the tour operators with a steady review stream with the highest ranking on their website. However, the tour operators that do not have a system to generate referrals loses a big part of their revenue and a great number of potential customers. TripAdvisor does simply not reward them. Buying advertising or other lurk actions cannot be much helpful to trick it.

Tip1: how can you get your customers to create and post reviews? You need to make it very simple, easy and convenient for the customers to access online ratings and review applications via their laptops and mobile devices. And then, make it easy for them to post their reviews on TripAdvisor.

Tip2: You usually send out some emails to your customers a few days after the tour to encourage them to write about their experience. Why do not use an integrated solution that is connected to TripAdvisor? Experitus booking software ( ) provides you with all means to execute the process without any additional work. It helps you efficiently collect new reviews from the customers after they have finished their trip. As a result, you get more online referrals and positive reputation of your tour business that surely raises your rank on TripAdvisor.

If you use the tips described in this article, you will boost your TripAdvisor ranking & ratings and convince your potential customers that you are a reliable tour operator that highly values quality.