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Do You Want To Kick-Start Your Future Bookings?

There is no explicit secret how to succeed in booking at all. The more people you talk to, or the more socials you book, the more successful you will be.
How many people you would like to talk to? Let’s say that 100 per week might be a good target. However, can you positively assume that the rest of the month you will continue following up with them? Positive online reviews are the key to gaining new clients. We will show you the fundamentals of kickstarting online booking as we help doing your tour business easier.

Review sites
The best place to start is your network. You cannot miss out the opportunity to reach possible target. For example, Tripadvisor is a great source of mass audience. As the world’s largest travel site, Tripadvisor provides easy access to worldwide viewers. Customer reviews always have the biggest influence on the popularity of the travel tours and some other attractions around the world. So, how make the viewers choose your offer? The answer is simple – increase your tour rank on the Tripadvisor travel engine.

Leverage Booking Software System
The majority of buyers before booking read the reviews and comments about the tour. Well-designed booking software system will help you to get more reviews and run your travel business effectively. When you get more active users, you positively increase your rank in Tripadvisor engine. As a tour guide or an attraction provider, you can funnel some good reviews into all of the major reviews sites, including Tripadvisor, Viator, GetYourGuide, as well as major social networks like Facebook & Google Circles.

Follow up emails
The benefits of talking to potential customers are tremendous. You find out the information that responds to the customer’s desire. This is a great way to improve your tour offer and attraction value. You may ask your viewers to respond with the review: about your tour or about the expectation from the tour. If you would like to make it encouraging, you can say, “We are looking for the best locals in Europe! Do you want to be one of them? Discover how with us”.

Keep it simple
Try to keep your booking process as simple as possible. There is nothing more frustrating than completing many forms to book the tour. If you have a complicated checkout process, you lose the potential customers halfway through. Choose the right software for your business and kickstart your online bookings.

Respond to reviews ASAP
You can keep close connection with the followers and viewers using the unique application for tour guides. For example, Experitus as an integrated solution can help to maintain a tight connection with your customers. If the customer leaves a review, they get a thank you email from Experitus. Also, the tour guide is notified in the dashboard that the customer left a review, and the customer's profile on the dashboard is updated. More engagement results into more bookings.


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