Experitus has created a plugin for WordPress which enables you to generate a shortcode, paste it into your webpage and publish a booking form for your customers to send requests. Once configured, the plugin will take care of the complicated code required to display the form. All you need to do is add the shortcode to your page and we’ll take care of the rest. If you’d like to customize the booking form, you can do that in your Experitus application. This guide will show you how does it work.

Installing the WordPress Plugin
The WordPress based booking form requires the installation of a plugin. By installing the WordPress plugin, you avoid a complicated mass of code and are able to make changes to your website URL without needing to edit any code on your webpage.

If you’ve used WordPress before, you’re probably familiar with the process of finding plugins and installing them on your server. If not, don’t panic! It’s very easy to do and takes just a few moments to complete.

In the following steps, we’ll show you exactly how to do this with just a few clicks of the mouse.

Search for and Install the Plugin
The first step is to locate the Experitus plugin within the WordPress Plugin Directory. Navigate to your WordPress dashboard.

1) Click on the Plugins menu in the left sidebar.
2) Click Add New.
3) Enter Experitus in the search field and press Enter.
4) When the Experitus plugin appears, click Install Now.

Activate the Plugin
It will take but a moment for the plugin to be installed, after which you will receive a confirmation message on the screen. From here, you should click on the link labeled Activate Plugin.

Once the plugin has activated, you will see a confirmation at the top of the screen. The plugin will now be visible in your list of active plugins and you will also see Experitus under the Tools menu in the left sidebar.

Click on this Experitus Form link to continue the plugin activation process.

On the next screen you come to, you’ll see a Settings page. All information you can find in your Experitus application: Company -> Settings -> API Key.

1) Enter the Company Alias.
2) Enter the API Key.
3) Click Save Changes.

If everything went according to plan, you should now see a message in the Experitus credentials tab.

Form Customization
After booking form customization in the Experitus application you should reload settings in the WordPress plugin settings.

1) Go to Form settings.
2) Click Reload form attributes.

Embedding the shortcode to a page
Paste the shortcode "[experitus_orders_form]" to your clipboard, head back over to WordPress and locate/create the page/post in which you wish to embed the booking page. Place the shortcode wherever you would like the form to appear. This may be before, after or somewhere within your page content.

How does it work?

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